Star Man - 1947-2016

Really saddened by the news of Bowie's death yesterday, such a true artist and inspiration. Just thought I'd create an image as way of tribute...

The Forgotten Pom

Colin Gurley has had an interesting life and his first book focusses on the time he spent in Australia in the late 50s and early 60s. Moving there at just 17 with absolutely nothing but a few changes of clothes, he began working on a farm as part of the Big Brother movement. Colin came to me wanting the book layout and an eye-catching sleeve design, which is what I gave him...

Episodic adventures experienced by a young Brit that paint a colourful picture of an outsider’s life in Australia in the late 50s and early 60s.

With a wry tone and told in candid, personal terms, this is a nonstop, frank and readable account of the art of survival in major Aussie cities as well as the isolated sheep and cattle stations deep in the bush.

This is a fascinating kaleidoscope and an absorbing story of a young boy’s escapades through a land that no longer exists.
— Book synopsis

Bomb Proof

So a good friend of mine who I used to climb trees with as a kid has recently become obsessed with the adrenaline-fuelled sport of rock climbing. He's mixed his love of climbing with his love of graffiti and street art to produce a sketchbook full of climbing-based illustrations which he intends to use on a new clothing range. There's a distinct lack of cool clothes to wear when out on the rocks and with the recent influx of young people getting involved with the sport we reckon there's a gap in the market. So that's where I come in, I've taken his sketches and begun to draw them up in illustrator, making them vibrant, clean and hopefully something that people would like to wear!

Here's a taster of the first few I've started working on, hope you like 'em...


Me modelling one of the first batch

Me modelling one of the first batch